Ultimate Textbooks

The Ultimate Textbooks are the two textbooks from Carmen Tripodi’s textbook duology of The Ultimate Person and The Ultimate World.

The Ultimate Person Textbook

The Ultimate Person textbook is subtitled: The definitive book on the ultimate person and the ultimate life. This book defines the what, how, why, and when of the greatest person of all time, or “ultimate person.”

  • The What – the ultimate person is defined as a person who maximizes problem solving skill over time;
  • The How – problem solving skill is maximized using a scientific problem solving process;
  • The Why – everyone needs to become an ultimate person because it is necessary to solve the serious problems in the world including war, violence, racism, sexism, and poverty. Above all, it is necessary to solve the human survival problem;
  • The When – the time for everyone to become an ultimate person is now.

The time is now because the ultimate person is now scientifically defined. Now anyone can be a true ultimate person and truly live the ultimate life, according to science.

Live The Ultimate Life. Be An Ultimate Person.

The Ultimate Person e-textbook is available free of charge to registered users. It is provided in the form of an easy and fun to use Flipbook.

A print copy of The Ultimate Person can be purchased at Amazon here.

The Ultimate World Textbook

The Ultimate World textbook is subtitled: The ultimate world according to science. The ultimate world, or greatest world of all time, is now explained in terms of a new breakthrough scientific theory entitled Ultimate World Theory. Ultimate World Theory defines:

  • A scientific solution to the human survival problem – by defining the do-or-die actions for human survival of the universe, it defines how to save the human species from extinction, and thereby, saves the world;
  • A scientific solution to all the world’s problems – by defining the solution to all the rest of world’s problems, including the most serious problems such as war, violence, racism, sexism, and poverty;
  • How to save the world and have fun doing it – by defining a new, scientific process for maximizing problem solving skill and happiness for both individuals and groups;
  • Scientific predictions for the future of the world – including the future of individual people; the future of the world; the future of technology, the future economy and the future of communication.

Ultimate World Theory – The Scientific Theory That Saves The World

The Ultimate World e-textbook is available free to members of the Ultimate World Membership. Members can access the easy and fun to use Flipbook here:

A print copy of The Ultimate World can be purchased at Amazon here.