The Ultimate Authority

Carmen Tripodi is the ultimate authority on the ultimate topics. The two ultimate topics are The Ultimate Person and The Ultimate World. His credibility as an ultimate authority is established by his accurate and reliable definitions of each of these two ultimate topics. His definitions are accurate and reliable, and therefore correct, because they are based on science.

These definitions are detailed in Carmen’s textbook duology of The Ultimate Person and The Ultimate World.

Now that the scientific definitions of The Ultimate Person and The Ultimate World are available, everyone can now take the steps to become a true Ultimate Person, and The Ultimate World can now be realized. Above all, all the world’s problems can now be solved.

Carmen teaches two online courses at The first course is a free beginner course that teaches the ultimate skill of “maximum problem solving skill over time,” and certifies people as an Ultimate Person. The first course actually implements the simple solution to all the world’s problems, free of charge to the world. The second course is an advanced course that teaches the underlying science of The Ultimate Person and The Ultimate World, and certifies students as an expert on these ultimate topics.

His primary contribution to science is development of Ultimate World Theory, the scientific theory that solves the world’s problems and thereby saves the world. Ultimate World Theory, along with many other scientific innovations, is detailed in The Ultimate World.

He also designed the Human Survival Problem Solver, which is also known as the future of the internet. The Human Survival Problem Solver will play an essential role in The Ultimate World, much in the same way the present day internet plays an essential role in the present day world.

Finally, he publishes the The Ultimate Life Post, a weekly online post that keeps you up to date on being an Ultimate Person, and living the Ultimate Life.


Carmen has a Master of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from Claremont Graduate University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. He has also taken enough Psychology courses, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, to informally qualify as having a minor in Psychology.