The Ultimate Life

Learning the skill of maximum problem solving skill over time, and being an Ultimate Person, will benefit you personally in numerous ways. Collectively, these benefits define the ultimate life. Here are the primary ways that the skill of maximum problem solving skill over time will benefit you personally:

1) Maximum success in all areas of your life

You will become an expert at clearly identifying problems and solutions (action lists). You will learn how to take on tough problems by breaking them down into simple doable actions. And you will learn how to maximize performance on the doable actions. This includes problems in all areas of your life – both professional and personal.

2) Maximum happiness

The science of happiness shows us that action performance and emotional experience are directly linked. You will learn the conditions of maximum happiness and how to apply these conditions to your everyday life activities.

3) Maximum success and happiness over time

The skill of maximum problem solving skill over time has a built-in feedback mechanism that facilitates critical feedback on problem solving performance. This feedback is then used to correct mistakes, adapt to change, and improve both performance and happiness over time. The world is continuously changing, so being adaptive to change is critical.

4) Future proofing yourself

The skill of maximum problem solving skill over time is a mandatory (i.e. necessary for survival) skill – for individuals, for businesses, and for the world. It will be therefore be mandatory learning for everyone in the future. By learning the skill of the future, you will be prepared for the future, and you can apply your knowledge of the future to your advantage in the present. You can avoid wasted time and energy on short term fads and focus on the things that matter. The future defines the things that will last over time and thereby defines the things that matter in human affairs.

5) Prestige of being the greatest of all time

An Ultimate Person is a greatest person of all time by definition. After completing the online course, you will become a true, certified Ultimate Person, backed by science. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are truly the greatest of all time.

6) Help save the world

The skill of maximum problem solving skill over time has a built-in guidance system for aligning your personal actions with solutions to the serious problems in the world such as war, violence, poverty, racism and sexism. Above all, it help you to help the human survival problems such as pandemics, global warming (both natural and artificial) and human conflict, and thereby helps you to help save the world. Appendix B of The Ultimate Person entitled Essential Workforce, provides examples of essential occupations. It lists the occupations that are essential for dealing with human survival problems such as the Coronavirus pandemic.

7) Certificates you can be proud of

After completing the Ultimate Person Course, you will obtain a certificate of your significant achievement. This will certify that you are a true ultimate person based on science. After completing the Ultimate World Course, you will obtain an Ultimate Person Expert Certificate.