The Ultimate Science

The science of both The Ultimate Person and The Ultimate World is defined in detail and proven scientifically in a new breakthrough scientific theory entitled Ultimate World Theory. These definitions have been verified as the correct definitions using the established scientific method. The scientific method ensures correctness and credibility because it leads to results that have four primary characteristics: accuracy; reliability; objectivity; and testability.

  1. accuracy – science focuses on the use of accurate terms, which facilitates knowledge acquisition and problem solving by means of a clear and accurate definition of the problem and solution
  2. reliability – once proven, scientific theories and results can be relied upon over time
  3. objectivity – scientific theories and results are objective and avoid subjectivity and bias
  4. testability – scientific theories and results are testable so they can be continuously tested, improved and corrected where necessary.

Ultimate World Theory is documented in a new book entitled The Ultimate World, first published in 2018, which serves as the textbook for The Ultimate World Course offered here at

The Science of Personal Development

Personal development consists of activities that develop a person’s skills and potential, increase levels of success, enhance the quality of life, and facilitate the realization of dreams. The global market size for personal development products and services was $38 billion in 2019, and this market continues to expand.

The primary criticism of personal development authors is that they focus on the ideological and the imagined, and lack a scientific basis for their writings and teachings. 

Ultimate World Theory provides the scientific basis for the entire field of personal development.  Ultimate World Theory is based on an innovative scientific method called the Ultimate World Scientific Method, which was derived directly from the established scientific method.  The established scientific method, or Basic Scientific Method, is the standard for producing credible science and was used in many of the most important scientific discoveries throughout history.

By providing a scientific way to identify and perform actions, Ultimate World Theory can be used to improve levels of success in solving problems and achieving goals. And the science of psychology (human behavior in particular) also shows that correctly identifying and performing actions leads to increased happiness and self-esteem.  The benefits of this new personal development science also include effective time management, and mental and physical health.  It applies to problems and goals in both professional and personal life, and it applies to both individuals and groups.  The benefits are virtually endless.

The New “Do or Die” Knowledge is Extremely Powerful Knowledge

One of the primary scientific innovations in Ultimate World Theory is a new knowledge type that defines the actions necessary for human survival of the universe, or in other words, the actions that are “do or die” for the world. This new “do or die” knowledge is extremely powerful knowledge because it can be used to accurately predict the future.

Human survival is a safety issue (it’s the ultimate safety issue), and safety issues always take priority in human affairs. For example, pandemics are a human survival problem, and the Coronavirus pandemic actually did take priority around the world. It can therefore be predicted with accuracy that the “do or die” actions specified by Ultimate World Theory will occur in the future, and take priority around the world.

The Science of Saving The World

Ultimate World Theory is the scientific theory that solves the world’s problems and saves the world. It can be explained using the following simple formula:


where UW stands for Ultimate World, and UP stands for Ultimate Person. The MAX subscript stands for the maximum number of UPs. The science underlying this simple formula, and the new “do or die” knowledge type, is taught in detail in The Ultimate World Course.

Ultimate World Theory saves the world by defining the “do or die” actions, and the process for maximizing success on the “do or die” actions.