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The World Of The Future

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the world of the future?

Look no further. The world of the future has now been accurately defined. The world of the future is The Ultimate World. The Ultimate World is scientifically defined as a “world-wide group of ultimate people working together as a team to maximize their group problem solving skill over time.”

Maximum Problem Solving Skill Over Time Is Mandatory

Maximum problem solving skill over time will be necessary to solve the world’s problems, including the most serious problems such as war, violence, poverty, racism and sexism. It will also be necessary to solve the human survival problems such as pandemics, global warming (both natural and artificial), and human conflict.

It can be accurately predicted that the Ultimate World is the world of the future. This is because safety problems always take priority in human affairs. Human survival problems are the ultimate safety problems, and as such, they will always take priority. The Coronavirus pandemic is an excellent example of how a human survival problem takes priority in world events. And maximum problem solving skill over time (i.e. the Ultimate World) will be necessary to solve the human survival problems.

The Ultimate World is taught in detail in The Ultimate World Course. The Ultimate World Course, along with The Ultimate Person Course, are the ultimate courses because they provide the mandatory knowledge and skills for both individuals and groups.

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Carmen Tripodi
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