Live The Ultimate Life, According To Science

At, there are two educational and achievement levels: the Ultimate Person Beginner Level and the Ultimate Person Expert Level. This page describes the Ultimate Person Beginner Level.

There are numerous benefits of being an Ultimate Person beginner. The primary benefit is to Live The Ultimate Life. The Ultimate Life is defined in terms of seven major benefits:

  • Maximum Success in All Areas of Your Life;
  • Maximum Happiness;
  • Maximum Success and Happiness Over Time;
  • Future Proof Yourself;
  • Prestige of Being the Best of All Time;
  • Help Save The World;
  • A Certificate You Can Be Proud Of

All of these tremendous benefits are achieved by learning and applying the ultimate skill of maximum problem solving skill over time. This ultimate skill is one of the most valuable skills you will ever learn.

This Ultimate Skill is One of the Most Valuable Skills You Will Ever Learn

You will also learn many other wonderful things including: the future of individual people; the future of the world; the future of the internet; the future economy; and the future of communication. All of these predictions for the future are credible because they are based on science.

You will also get an overview of the ultimate science, namely, Ultimate World Theory. The science of the Ultimate Person is defined within the context of Ultimate World Theory.

Be A True Ultimate Person

The Ultimate Person Beginner Level includes the following products and services:

Note that all of these incredible products and services of the Ultimate Person Beginner Level are available to members of the Ultimate World Membership.

One of the highlights of the Ultimate Person Beginner Level is that you will learn and can even be a part of The Simple Solution To All The World’s Problems. This simple solution is taught in Lesson 1 of the Ultimate Person Course.