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    Carmen Tripodi

    Action Plan

    1. Go to the “Campaign” section of your Affiliate account.

    2. Click the Pinterest Campaign button. The Pinterest Campaign is the simplest way to get started on promoting your business via social media. It is also proven effective. As you gain experience as an affiliate, you can then promote your business on other social media channels, and elsewhere on the internet.

    3. Go to the Pinterest Campaign page or click here It contains the details you need to promote your affiliate business.

    4. General Pinterest advice: a) create new pins consistently (at least weekly); b) save other pins from your Pinterest home feed that you find helpful.

    5. It is recommended that you use the pins from the Pinterest Campaign as they are continuously tested and updated for maximum performance.

    6. Be sure to use your referral ID in your Pin links. This will ensure that you get the credit for your membership sales.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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