Fast Track To Millionaire Method

The Fast Track To Millionaire Method is the fastest, easiest way to become a millionaire. It has three primary elements: 1) Lead Generation; 2) Communication Channels; and 3) Affiliate Commissions. Here are the highlights of each element:

1) Lead Generation Highlights

• Influencer Platforms – Influencer platforms are a great sources of influencers, many of which rely on affiliate commissions for income. We currently recommend Afluencer as a preferred influencer platform and are evaluating others. Afluencer has a generous free program that can help you generate a reasonable number of influencer leads for free.

• Facebook Ad – We have highly responsive Facebook Ads to generate all the leads you will need to become a millionaire. Moreover, these Facebook Ads can be adapted to any other social media network, thereby enabling the entire internet a lead generation source. The ads are focused on joining the Fast Track To Millionaire Facebook Group. Affiliates can use these exact same ads to generate leads at a very low cost (e.g. $5/day). We continuously test new ads so that we always have responsive ads available.

2) Communication Channel Highlights

• Direct Messaging – Ongoing communication is essential due to the residual nature of the business. Direct messaging is available in most influencer platforms, and all social media networks.

• Facebook Group – The Facebook Group provides prospects with ongoing information, education and support on the Fast Track To Millionaire Method in a group format. The group is also an essential element in the lead generation process. It provides your prospects with an incentive to provide their name and email, thereby becoming an official sales lead.

• Email Marketing – Email communications provide a supplemental means to communicate directly with your leads. Many people prefer email communication over group posts. We use as our email service provider.

3) Affiliate Commission Highlights

• Affiliate commissions are how income is generated in the Fast Track System.

• There is only one product to be promoted by affiliates, namely, the Ultimate World Membership product available at It is a science-based personal development product that focuses on Living The Ultimate Life. It has mass appeal and virtually endless benefits for everyone.

• The Ultimate World Membership product is provided in the form of a digital subscription service similar to a music, news, or gaming service. Commissions are paid on each monthly renewal, thereby providing you with residual commissions.

• The price of the Ultimate World Membership product is $2000/month. Affiliates will earn a commission of 50% on each sale of the Ultimate World Membership product. This results in $1000/month in RESIDUAL commission for each sale.

• Affiliates will have an Affiliate Dashboard at to monitor sales and commissions

Important Notes

  1. The Fast Track system has a very simple goal – make 100 sales of the Ultimate World Membership product. 100 sales at $1000/month commission per sale equals $100,000/month in residual income. This results in $1.2 Million in annual income, thereby making you a millionaire.
  2. The shorter term program called the Fast Track To $10,000/month requires only 10 sales. And once you have mastered reached $10,000/month, you will have mastered the Fast Track System, and will be well on your way to a millionaire income.
  3. The Fast Track system has a very simple method for getting your 10 sales fast, namely the Fast Track To Millionaire Method. This post describes and illustrates this simple method in detail.
  4. Affiliates can generate UNLIMITED RESIDUAL INCOME by simply continuing to use the Fast Track method to build residual income in $1000/month increments.
  5. There is no need for a large quantity of leads, only a small number of quality leads which can be quickly and cheaply obtained using our Influencer Platforms and Facebook Ads.
  6. An online course that teaches the Fast Track To Millionaire in detail is available to active members of the Ultimate World Membership product. Free support is also provided in the Facebook Group, Facebook Messenger, email, and the Ultimate Business Forum, and Support Forum at

The Bottom Line

The Fast Track To Millionaire method is the fastest and easiest way to become a millionaire. One of the reasons it is the fastest is because it is also the simplest. It eliminates all the obstacles to business success such as product and service development, website development, content creation, inventory, suppliers, an ecommerce system, and marketing. Just promote one Ultimate Product in return for an affiliate commission of 50% and just use the proven Fast Track method to succeed quickly and easily.