Fast Track To $10,000/month Campaign

This page covers the details necessary for a successful Fast Track To $10,000/month campaign. It is designed with the beginner marketer in mind and requires no sales or marketing experience, and no social media following. Moreover, it is designed for $10,000/month in residual income, so that once you get there, you stay there.

Please follow these instructions carefully as they are continuously tested and improved for maximum sales performance. Check back often for the latest and greatest information.

Quick Start Instructions

1. Register as an affiliate within your account. Your account can be accessed here. Take a look at your Affiliate Dashboard. This dashboard contains the critical information for monitoring your progress as an affiliate including sales, referrals and payouts.

2. To keep things simple, a Pinterest pinning system is recommended for a quick start. Just pin premade pins and posts on Pinterest. You will need to set up a Pinterest account at

3. Complete your Pinterest profile by adding a photo, and a brief description of yourself. You can mention that you are an Ultimate World Affiliate on the Fast Track To $10,000/month.

4. Start creating pins. Each pin title should be based on a post title. Below are the top posts for your Pinterest pinning system. Collectively, these posts make the case that the Ultimate World Affiliate program is the best way to make money online . . . period!

This list of posts will be updated regularly. Note that the entire Fast Track To $10,000/month Campaign is centered around these posts. Also note that all the posts have a new affiliate registration form at the bottom to facilitate new affiliate enrollments into your affiliate account.

5. A separate webpage is available for each post. Just click on the post title above to access the webpage. Each webpage includes the essential information for your pin including: pin title; pin description; post link; and pin image. Be sure to add your exact referral ID at the end of each post link. It has the following form: ?ref=yourreferralID. For example, a referral link to the Ultimate Business page at would be Your referral ID ensures that you get credit for the sales. Be sure to enter the link correctly in the link section of your pin.

6. Consistent pinning is the key to success on Pinterest. Pinterest actually recommends that you pin at least once per week. The worst thing you can do is stop pinning once you get started. If you stop pinning for a long period of time such as a month or two, Pinterest may consider your account inactive and rank your pins lower.

7. Develop variations in your pins for ongoing use. Variations include different pin images and different boards. If you pin the same image to the same board repeatedly, your Pinterest account may get suspended for spamming. You should create about 10 boards for your pins. Suggested board names include: Affiliate Marketing; Best Affiliate Programs; Pinterest Strategy; Make Money From Pinterest; How To Get Followers; Live The Ultimate Life; Viral Pins; Tailwind; etc.

8. Consider using Tailwind as your pin scheduler. Tailwind facilitates high volume pinning via scheduling, pin image variations, and has separate communities to post your pins to. Using Tailwind helps ensure that your pin scheduling complies with the Pinterest rules. You can get a nice start to your pin scheduling with a free Tailwind account (, and then upgrade if so desired. Finally, Tailwind also facilitates posting to both Facebook and Instagram, so you can post your Pinterest pins to Facebook and Instagram at the same time. Nice!

9. Do what you love by posting pins on the topics you are personally interested in. Ideally, you will have a nice mix of your personal pins and affiliate pins. This also includes a nice mix of boards.

10. Enroll in the free Ultimate Person Course. You will learn how to solve any problem or achieve any goal, including $10,000/month as an Ultimate World Affiliate. You will also learn how to maximize your personal happiness along the way. You can work at your own pace and retake the course as many times as you wish. Upon completion, you will receive an Ultimate Person Certificate which certifies you as an Ultimate Person, or “greatest person of all time.” Nice!

How To Get Your 10 Sales Fast – Buy Pinterest Followers

By performing the above steps 1-10 you will be engaging in organic marketing. Organic marketing is defined as “the act of getting your customers to come to you naturally over time.” Ideally, you will get your 10 sales of the Ultimate World Membership product through organic marketing. However, it can take a long time to build a following organically and even longer to generate sales from your follower base.

This is where paid advertising comes in. You can speed up the sales process by purchasing paid ads. In Pinterest, paid ads are simply pins that are boosted by paying to have them rank higher in searches and stay visible longer. Paid ads are an option you should consider, but a more effective and inexpensive way to build a following is to simply buy Pinterest followers.

We currently recommend two sources to buy Pinterest followers: UseViral; and Instafollowers. They provide real followers (as opposed to fake “bots”) and they are very reasonably priced. Considering the fact that you will be making money from these followers (ideally you will get your 10 sales of the Ultimate World Membership product and hence $10,000/month), this inexpensive purchase is a real bargain.

In addition to pinning consistently, you should also buy Pinterest followers consistently. It is hard to predict exactly where and when your 10 sales will come from, but if you consistently buy followers and consistently pin new pins, it is just a matter of time until you succeed. Adding 100 followers per month is a reasonable way to proceed.

Engaging With Followers

You can also speed up the sales process by engaging with your followers. Engagement is typically done by commenting on pins in the comment section, and responding to comments on your pins.

The ideal form of engagement is through direct messaging. Fortunately, many of your followers on Pinterest have direct messaging enabled thereby allowing you to contact them directly. Consider sending direct messages to your followers such as: “Thanks for following me. Join me on the Fast Track $10,000/month” and “Here is how to get a quick start.”

Best of all, you can share pins via direct messaging on Pinterest. So be sure to share the Fast Track to $10,000/month pin mentioned above, with your referral ID in the link, of course, so they can enroll as one of your affiliates. Then share the rest of the list of pins given above. Sharing one pin per week via direct messaging is a reasonable way to go.

Consistency Is The Key

Be consistent with all of your promotional tasks. This includes pinning new pins (weekly), buying new followers (monthly) and direct messaging with followers (daily). It only takes an hour or two of promotional work each day. As previously mentioned, it is hard to predict exactly where your sales will come from. But if you are consistent in your promotional efforts, it is just a matter of time until you succeed. Your short term goal should be to get the Fast Track to $10,000/month pin mentioned above, with your referral ID in the link, to as many people as possible. Then send the remaining pins of the Fast Track Campaign mentioned above. It typically takes more than one contact per person to get them sign up as an affiliate and purchase products.

Focus On The Low End Product

Your promotional efforts should be focused on the Low End Product, namely, the Ultimate Person Membership for $5/month. Sales of the High End Ultimate World Membership product ($2000/month) typically start with a purchase of the Low End product. That’s because people generally need to learn the products, the marketing system, and the payout system, and gain confidence in them, before buying the High End product.

Basically, you should be using the Low End product as a feeder system for the High End product. Besides, you can generate significant residual income from the Low End alone.

Contacting Your Existing Network

Although a large network and social media following is not necessary for success, it certainly helps to have one. Your promotional efforts toward your existing network should be the same as with your new contacts. The goal is to get the “Fast Track to $10,000/month” pin/post with your affiliate link to as many people as possible. It is action oriented and it generates excitement. Consider emailing and/or texting your affiliate link to all of your contacts.

Making The Sales Process Fun

No question about it, watching your follower base grow is very exciting. So is getting notifications from Pinterest on new followers. Enjoy the process and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get rich quick. Although our goal is to help you succeed financially as fast as possible, it is not a get rich quick scheme. Take the Ultimate Person Course and participate in the forums to learn how to Live The Ultimate Life, while you build your business. Remember, that The Ultimate Life is defined in terms of seven primary benefits:

  1. Maximum Success in All Areas of Your Life;
  2. Maximum Happiness;
  3. Maximum Success and Happiness Over Time;
  4. Future Proof Yourself;
  5. Prestige of Being the Best of All Time;
  6. Help Save The World;
  7. A Certificate You Can Be Proud Of.