Fast Track Costs

This page explains the costs of active participation in the Fast Track To Millionaire system. There is a logical explanation for all costs, and as in all elements of The Fast Track system, the price points are designed to make it faster and easier for affiliates to succeed.

Unlike most other businesses, we believe in being upfront and forthcoming about the costs, because once people understand the reasoning behind the costs, they don’t mind them at all.

The costs are centered around one main policy that is clearly stated in the terms and conditions of the Ultimate World Affiliate program. This policy is stated as follows: in order to qualify for commission payouts, an affiliate must maintain an active subscription of the Ultimate World Membership product. The cost of the Ultimate World Membership product is $2000/month.

At first glance, this cost may seem very high. But once you understand the reasoning behind this price point, it will not seem very high at all. Here are four primary reasons why the $2000/month price point for the Ultimate World Membership product will benefit you:

Reason #1 – It makes it faster and easier for you to generate income.

Each sale of the Ultimate World Membership product will produce $1000/month in residual income. Therefore, it will not take very many sales to generate significant income. For example, it only takes 10 sales to make $10,000/month. Getting 10 sales is a very realistic short term goal, and a $10,000/month income will make it possible for many people to quit their day job and work full time on The Fast Track To Millionaire system.

If the cost of the product was lower, for example $100/month, it would take 100 sales to generate a $10,000/month. Getting 100 sales is a lot more challenging and time consuming than getting 10 sales. Think about it, you would need to generate and manage lot more leads, resulting in a lot more time, effort and money. By the way, 100 sales at the current $1000/month per sale equals $100,000/month or one million per year!

Reason #2 – It simplifies the management of the business.

A $1000/month commission per sale makes goal setting and planning simple. If your personal goal is to make $5000/month, then you only need 5 sales. If you need $15,000/month to quit your day job, then you only need 15 sales. It’s simple to understand, and easy to implement. If you want to be a millionaire (and who doesn’t) then you only need 100 sales. Once you find out how simple this business really is, you will probably go for the million.

Reason #3 – There are reasonable modifications to the costs available with the goal of making it faster and easier for affiliates to succeed.

An example of a reasonable modification is the postponement of subscription renewal payments. So, let’s say, if you made your initial $2000 payment for the Ultimate World Membership product, you would not have to make a renewal payment until you have made at least two sales to cover your membership renewal.

Reason #4 – The benefits of the product are virtually endless and make the product a great value for the price.

The benefits of the Ultimate World Membership product are centered around Living The Ultimate Life, which is defined in terms of seven primary benefits: 1) maximum success in all areas of your life; 2) maximum happiness; 3) maximum success and happiness over time; 4) future proof yourself; 5) prestige of being a greatest person of all time; 6) help save the world; and 7) certificates you can be proud of.

The bottom line that the price point of $2000/month is in your best interest because it makes it faster and easier for you to succeed. Not to mention the virtually endless benefits you will receive by using the product.