Ultimate Person Course

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Welcome to the free Ultimate Person Course featuring the ultimate skill of maximum problem solving skill over time. This course has six lessons and five quizzes. Lesson 1 is just an introduction to the course and has no quiz. Each lesson contains a reading. The readings contain all the information necessary to pass the quizzes so please read them carefully. You must pass all five quizzes to successfully complete the course and get your Ultimate Person Certificate. You may retake the quizzes as many times as you wish, and you may refer to the readings, and to the textbook as often as you wish. You can access your copy of the textbook here.

Videos and other learning technologies will be available for the course soon. In the meantime, take advantage of the readings. They are a great reference source, they clearly state the course material (including answers to the quiz questions), and they are easily translated into any language.

Introduction What is an Ultimate Person? How To Be An Ultimate Person – Part 1 How To Be An Ultimate Person – Part 2 Why Everyone Needs To Be An Ultimate Person Conclusion