Achieve Greatness Today, According To Science

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Human Greatness is officially achieved by taking and passing the Ultimate Person Course. Do it now. It’s easy and it’s free!

There are just six simple lessons in the Ultimate Person Course:

  • Lesson 1 Introduction
  • Lesson 2 What is an Ultimate Person?
  • Lesson 3 How to be an Ultimate Person – Part 1
  • Lesson 4 How to be an Ultimate Person – Part 2
  • Lesson 5 Why everyone needs to be an Ultimate Person
  • Lesson 6 Conclusion

Your achievement will be certified by an Ultimate Person Certificate (see above). Then you can share your awesome achievement with your friends by sharing your certificate.

How Is This Possible?

You may ask yourself: how can it be so easy to achieve greatness? The reason it is so easy is because greatness is now correctly defined according to science. The scientific definition of an Ultimate Person is “a person who maximizes problem solving skill over time.” In order to be “a person who maximizes problem solving skill over time” all you have to do is learn the skill of maximum problem solving skill over time. And you will learn this skill in the Ultimate Person Course.

The science adds integrity, credibility and value to your greatness certification. This is because scientific definitions are accurate and reliable (and therefore correct) definitions. The underlying science is an advanced topic and is taught in The Ultimate World Course here at

The Ultimate Life

After achieving greatness by getting your Ultimate Person Certificate, what do you do next? You start living the Ultimate Life.

The Ultimate Life is defined by seven primary benefits:

  • Maximum Success in All Areas of Your Life;
  • Maximum Happiness;
  • Maximum Success and Happiness Over Time;
  • Future Proof Yourself;
  • Prestige of Being the Greatest of All Time;
  • Help Save The World;
  • A Certificate You Can Be Proud Of.

All of these tremendous benefits are achieved by learning and applying the ultimate skill of maximum problem solving skill over time. And again, you will learn this ultimate skill in the Ultimate Person Course. So while you are achieving greatness in the Ultimate Person Course, you are also learning the ultimate skill.

The Ultimate Life is not a one time event. It is an ongoing experience in ultimate living. To help you stay on track, you should join the Ultimate Person Forum and start building the Ultimate Online Profile to showcase your outstanding achievements. And don’t forget to sign up for the weekly Greatness Post using the form below!