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Five Things You Need To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing

This post describes the essential elements of an affiliate marketing program that will provide unlimited residual income for life. Because these five elements are necessary for unlimited residual income for life, you will have a hard time achieving it without them. Note that these five elements do not necessarily pertain to a simple side hustle to make a few extra dollars.

1) Subscription Based Products

Subscription based products are those that automatically renew at a set interval such as a monthly news, music, or gaming service. One sale of a subscription product will therefore provide you with a residual, stable and predictable commission. By contrast, regular non-subscription products provide only a one-time commission and therefore require continuous new sales to make money over time. Affiliate programs that are based on non-subscription products are therefore unstable and unpredictable.

2) Both High End And Low End Products

High end products are necessary to make enough money to become financially secure for life. Without a high end product, you may struggle to make enough money.

Low end products are necessary because many people are not able to start at the high end level. In fact, most people do not have either the funds or the marketing experience or the large social media following to start at the high end level. The low end product and system makes it possible for everyone to participate. With a low end product, everyone can join and learn the system at their own pace, and then upgrade to high end level when they are ready. Moreover, the low end product prevents lost sales because not everyone can join the program at the high end level.

3) Future Proofed Products

Future proofed is defined as “unlikely to become obsolete.” An example of a future proofed product is an education based product focused on developing personal and business skills. Since developing and improving personal and business skills is ongoing process, products that provide personal and business development skills can be characterized as future proof.

Future proofed products are necessary to provide stability and security over the long term as opposed to “trending” or “fad” products that quickly go out of style when the next fad arrives. Constantly chasing the next fad products is an unstable and unpredictable way to make money and will eventually burn you out with less money in the bank.

4) An Easy To Use Marketing System

An easy-to-use marketing system is necessary to make it possible for beginners to succeed. The easier the marketing is, the more people will use it. An example of an easy-to-use marketing system is one that simply requires posting of predesigned, prewritten and pretested posts and pins. Anyone can simply post premade posts and pins.

By contrast, the harder the marketing system, the less people can and will use it. The High Ticket Coaching programs are notorious for requiring high ticket payments and high pressure, sophisticated sales techniques that most people cannot or will not use. That’s why lots of people lose lots of money in the High Ticket programs. They fall apart from the bottom up.

5) 50% Commission

The majority of affiliate programs pay very low commissions. For example, the Amazon affiliate program pays a maximum of 10% commission. Lower commissions mean more selling, more work, more stress and less money.

By contrast a high commission such as 50% means less selling, less work, less stress and more money. An example of a 50% commission affiliate program is the Ultimate World Affiliate program at With a 50% commission program readily available, why bother with any other affiliate program?


These five elements characterize the easy way to succeed. Affiliate marketing programs that do not have these essential elements are part of the hard way. Using the hard way is an unstable, unpredictable way to make money and it risks financial problems, high stress and burnout over the long term.

The Ultimate World Affiliate program has all five of the above necessary elements for success. That’s why you need the Ultimate World Affiliate program if you want to achieve true financial freedom and security. Enroll today, the sooner you get started, the sooner you succeed.

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