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The Ultimate Skill

Problem solving skills are the ultimate skills because they lead directly to solutions to actual problems in the world. This includes the most serious problems in the world such as war, violence, poverty, racism, and sexism. Above all, problem solving skills are critical for solving the most serious problem of all . . . human survival of the universe.

Of all problem solving skills, there is one that stands out above the rest. It is a problem solving skill entitled maximum problem solving skill over time (MPSSOT). MPSSOT is a problem solving skill that was developed as a way to solve problems of maximum complexity. It has five primary elements:

1) Maximum clarity of problem and solution identification

MPSSOT includes the skill of clearly identifying problems and solutions. All problems are identified in detail, and the solutions are defined in terms of the specific, doable, actions necessary to solve the problem.

2) Maximum performance of the solutions

MPSSOT includes a process for maximizing performance (i.e. success) on the doable actions (i.e. the solution).

3) Optimal emotional experience

The action performance process is based on a scientific theory of optimal experience (also known as maximum happiness). The science shows us that maximum action performance and optimal emotional experience are directly linked. This way people will not only maximize their problem solving performance, but also maximize their individual happiness.

4) Maximum improvement over time

MPSSOT includes a built-in feedback mechanism so that feedback can be used to correct mistakes, adapt to change, improve performance, and improve problem solving skill, over time. MPSSOT is not a one-shot deal. It is an on-going experience in ultimate living.

5) Direct relevance to the human survival problems

All problems and solutions have built-in reasoning for relevance to the human survival problems such as pandemics, global warming (both natural and artificial), and human conflict. All problems, including both individual and group problems, are actually sub-problems of the human survival problems.

Although MPSSOT was developed as a way to solve problems of maximum complexity, it can be used to solve any problem. At its most simplified level, MPSSOT is just a super-innovative, high performance system of to-do lists, such as a grocery list. Everyone knows how to do a grocery list, right? This means anyone can learn and understand MPSSOT.

It also means that anyone can use MPSSOT to solve any problem, or achieve any goal.

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