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The Ultimate Content For Your Online Posts

Ever wonder about what to write about for your next online post?  Ever wonder what the best topics are? Tired of rehashing all the old content?

Then pay attention to this post, because it solves all content related problems for everyone online.  It solves these problems by defining ultimate content, why you should use it in your online posts, and how to get it.

What Is Ultimate Content?

Ultimate content stems from two ultimate topics: The Ultimate Person, and The Ultimate World.  The Ultimate Person and The Ultimate World are the two ultimate topics because of their direct impact on the overall quality and quantity of human life. All other ultimate topics are actually sub-topics of these two ultimate topics.

The Ultimate Person and The Ultimate World are defined in terms of problem solving behavior and they are defined scientifically.  This focus on problem solving and science has two major advantages. First of all, the focus on problem solving is necessary because it leads directly to solutions to the serious problems in the worlds including war, violence, poverty, racism, and sexism. Secondly, the focus on science is necessary because scientific communication is credible communication.  Scientific communication is credible because of its focus on accurate and reliable terminology.

The net result of ultimate content is accurate and reliable content for solving the serious problems in the world and thereby directly improving the overall quality and quantity of human life. 

Why Should You Use Ultimate Content In Your Online Posts?

There are two primary reasons why you should use ultimate content in your online posts: 1) it maximizes the benefit of your posts to your readers; and 2) it maximizes the benefit to you and your online life.  Ultimate content maximizes the benefits of your posts to your readers because it helps you identify the specific problems that your content solves and how to solve them.  Your posts will then provide the greatest value to your readers, and they will thank you for it. 

Ultimate content maximizes the benefit to you and your online life because it helps ensure that your online posts will succeed over time, and provide the greatest contribution to the quality and quantity of human life.  Along the way you will gain greater clarity on your life purpose (i.e. the ultimate problem are you solving), and you will gain the satisfaction of knowing that you are truly making a difference in the world.

How To Get Ultimate Content

The ultimate content is available by means of the free and paid services at  These services include Ultimate Courses, Ultimate Textbooks, Ultimate Forums, and an Ultimate Membership. And of course, it includes the weekly Greatness Post which you are reading now.

Specific outcomes include development of the Ultimate Skill, learning the Ultimate Science, achieving Ultimate Certificates, building the Ultimate Online Profile, and ongoing subscriptions to the ultimate topics.  Overall, you will get an ongoing education on how to use ultimate content in your online posts, and how to live and master the ultimate life.   

When Should You Get This Ultimate Content

The time to get the ultimate content is now because the sooner the better.  The sooner you have ultimate content, the sooner you can use it to help your online posts succeed, and the sooner you can help improve the quality and quantity of human life, for yourself and for your readers.  The benefits of using ultimate content are virtually endless.

What Is Your Next Step?

Your next step is to take the free Ultimate Person Course at It provides basic education on the what, how, why and when of the first of the two ultimate topics, namely, The Ultimate Person. It is an open book course with no time limit so you can work at your own pace. You can also retake the course as many times as you wish. This course structure is designed to accommodate all learning styles. The best part is that upon completion, you will become a Certified Ultimate Person backed by science. Then you can share your certificate with your friends to show them the great things you are doing.