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The Benefits Of Knowing The Future

Knowing the future has tremendous benefits. Here are the top five:

  1. knowing the future helps you make good decisions in the present. You know where to spend your time, energy, and money;
  2. knowing the future helps you avoid wasted time, energy, and money;
  3. knowing the future helps you avoid the stress of jumping from short term fad to short term fad;
  4. knowing the future provides a clear sense of direction in your life;
  5. knowing the future provides the satisfaction of knowing your life matters. The things that matter in life are the things that stand the test of time. The future defines the things that will stand the test of time and therefore defines the things that matter.

Discover The Future At is an educational website where you can learn the future in detail. Educational services include courses, textbooks, forums, and certificates. Note that many of these services are free of charge.

Knowledge of the future is provided in terms of the actions necessary to solve the serious problems in the world such as war, violence, poverty, racism, and sexism. Above all, it includes the actions necessary to solve the most serious problem facing humans, namely, the human survival problem.

These problem solving actions can be accurately predicted to occur in the future because they are safety related actions, and safety related actions always take priority in human affairs. For example, pandemics are a human survival problem and the COVID-19 pandemic actually did take priority around the world.

The problem solving actions are identified and applied by means of a problem solving skill called maximum problem solving skill over time. This skill is one of the most valuable skills anyone can learn because it can be used to solve virtually any problem, or achieve any goal.

Five Key Predictions For The Future

For now, here are five key predictions for the future:

  1. The Person Of The Future – the person of the future, in terms of the skill set required for the future, is the Ultimate Person. The Ultimate Person is scientifically defined as “a person who maximizes problem solving skill over time.”
  2. The World Of The Future – the world of the future, in terms of how people will socialize and interact, is The Ultimate World. The Ultimate World is scientifically defined as “a world-wide group of Ultimate People who work together as a problem solving team to solve all the world’s problems.”
  3. The Future Of The Internet – the future of the internet is the Human Survival Problem Solver. The Human Survival Problem Solver is scientifically defined as “a world-wide, intelligent computer system for managing the solutions to all human survival problems, and sub-problems.” Note that the “Metaverse” cannot be the future of the internet because it describes a virtual world (not a real world), and can only solve virtual problems (not real world problems). The Metaverse hype from technology companies is primary designed to sell virtual reality devices.
  4. The Future Economy – the economy of the future, in terms of the businesses and jobs of the future, is the Space Life Economy. We can be reasonably certain that humans will eventually need to colonize space, so the economy of the future will need to be based on space life. It is helpful to think of the present economy as a Space Life economy that is in Earth mode.
  5. The Future of Communication – the future of human communication, in terms of the format of communication, is Ultimate World Experiments. Ultimate World Experiments are the means by which necessary actions are identified and validated, and identifying and validating necessary actions will be the focus of all human communication. In essence, all human communication will be focused on identifying the “do or die” actions for the world. Again, human survival actions are safety related actions (they are the ultimate safety related actions), and safety related actions always take priority in human affairs.

Ultimate World Experiments are taught in the Ultimate World Course at The Ultimate Person Course is a recommended prerequisite for the Ultimate World Course.

In conclusion, you can discover the future in detail by taking the Ultimate Person Course and the Ultimate World Course. Plus, you will also learn how to solve virtually any problem, or achieve any goal, all while achieving true human greatness along the way.

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